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To craft an unparalleled Peri supplement, we brought together a team of world-class integrative physicians, alongside a compound pharmacist. Together, we formulated a comprehensive, high-quality, and efficacious blend, setting a new standard in the industry.


This formula has given me my energy back. Mostly because I sleep better, and my digestion is better. I am grateful to take part in this trial. We need to make women feel more empowered. When my daughters reach my age, I want them to have Peri on their radar, so they don’t have to stumble into this blindfolded like so many of us now.”

—T. Chung

“When I started Peri, I experienced symptoms such as: unable to stop or control worrying, hard time sitting still, easily annoyed or irritable, and unable to focus. My MD suggested antidepressants, but I wanted something more natural. This was a great option for me. After about 5 weeks, I started to feel much more relaxed and chill”

—L. Robinson

"In my 40s, brain fog, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety took a toll on me. Confidence plummeted, and I felt socially withdrawn. This supplement brought me back to myself. The biggest relief has been from insomnia. Better sleep improved my cognition, mood, and anxiety management. I can think clearly again, and joy has returned!"

—J. Johnson

“My periods became irregular, extremely heavy, and I had hot flashes throughout the whole day! I was told I was very young to be perimenopausal. With this new supplement I was sleeping better, my period was on track, and I’d got back some of my lust for life.”
—L. Blackman

"My libido was in the tank due to perimenopause, stress, and lack of sleep. My doctor offered no solutions, claiming it's just the way it is. This supplement changed that. It improved my sex drive and eased dryness and pain during intercourse. Now, I feel more connected with my partner and myself."
— M. Delores