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We are the dynamic duo navigating through the Perimenopause (‘Peri’) rollercoaster, passionately championing women in Peri, who are underserved, given misfit solutions and needlessly suffering.

We women, 35-50, are the driving force of society and when we're uncared for, it impacts us—and everyone around us. 

That's where NNABI comes in, our heartfelt creation. In collaboration with physicians and health experts, we're on a purpose-driven mission—to rewrite the Peri narrative and offer solutions.

We've carved a unique space, separate from Meno (because Peri is not the same thing as Meno), offering solutions created precisely for this phase along with knowledge, and a vibrant community.

Every woman in Peri deserves to thrive. NNABI is more than a brand; it's a movement, a community where perfectly Peri babes flourish together!

Join us on this incredible ride!

Cheers to thriving together in Peri,

EJ & Marina


The company name NNABI comes from 나비 (NA-BI), a Korean word for butterfly, which symbolizes spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life — all things that women can relate to especially as we go through the journey of life with hormonal transition. 

This change is natural and is meant to be transformative, but can also be uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time like when a butterfly emerges from the chrysalides. This time of life is to be embraced with a growth mindset and celebrated with pride and much love for betterment, which is the essence of NNABI.