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Article: Problematic Peri Mood Issues? Try These Hacks

Problematic Peri Mood Issues? Try These Hacks

Finding yourself at the cusp of Perimenopause may seem like facing a mysterious, menacing adversary. 

But guess what? You have the power to disarm this opponent.

Take the reins, rise to the challenge, and overhaul your daily routine. You have always been a force of nature, an unyielding warrior. Per isn't about to change that, is it?

Craft a commanding morning routine

Morning dread in Perimenopause is not a stranger to many women. However, it is in your hands to flip the script. Design a morning routine that amplifies your power and fuels your spirit. Television host Mel Robbins recommends a "5-4-3-2-1" countdown - a ritual that launches you upright and culminates in a self-celebratory high-five in front of the mirror. Remember, your morning light is not just vital for improved sleep, but it's a catalyst for a better mood. Incorporate a meditation or breathing exercise into your routine. Consider giving a Wim Hof Breathing video a try. Available on YouTube, it’s just 11 minutes of focused breathing that brings clarity to your mind, and serves as a powerful stabilizing force amidst hormonal turmoil.

Master the art of managing health anxiety 

Peri can bombard you with an assortment of unusual sensations, leading to a potentially heightened sense of anxiety that you might not have felt before.Learn to discern between fleeting bodily quirks and serious symptoms. Empower yourself with resources by checking out Sheryl Paul’s Conscious Transitions platform. She provides an invaluable perspective, reminding you that "if something is really wrong, it will become apparent". This is a good mantra to anchor your mind whenever it spirals towards grim thoughts. And remember, if symptoms are causing considerable concern, don't hesitate to get it checked out.

Embrace exercise adaptability

The Peri transition demands adaptability, even in your workout routines. Your traditional HIIT classes or spin workouts may not hit the spot anymore, and that's perfectly okay. Opt for gentler alternatives that can keep mood swings in check and confer additional benefits. Yoga, Pilates, slow, controlled weight lifting – these are your new allies. Remember, strength training is vital to counter the bone loss that accelerates during Perimenopause. Walking can be another powerful tool for symptom management, as noted by a comprehensive review published in Menopause, the Journal of the North American Menopause Society.

Cultivate a conscious diet

Now might be the time to reassess your diet. Consider reducing your intake of sugar, processed food, and alcohol – or at least become more mindful of how each one makes you feel. A study published in Maturitas in 2022 linked worsened menopause symptoms with higher consumption of ultra-processed foods, while a vegetable-rich diet correlated with improved quality of life. Dietary changes can also curb the weight gain that often accompanies Perimenopause.

Implement potent supplements

Carefully chosen supplements can serve as reliable allies in the fight against Perimenopause symptoms. While Black Cohosh is renowned for its mood-stabilizing properties, it's crucial to consult your doctor. This herb may not be suitable for prolonged use and may not align well with Perimenopause when estrogen dominance is prevalent. Research suggests its greater efficacy for those in the later stages of Perimenopause or entering Menopause.

For a comprehensive solution, explore Peri Essential 5™. Tailored specifically for the Perimenopausal body, it incorporates the highest quality herbs to address five key areas of health, effectively alleviating symptoms.

Incorporate Omega-3 fatty acids into your daily regimen for heart health and mood regulation. Magnesium can aid in improving sleep, while B vitamins can be harnessed to combat fatigue and manage stress.

Consider including phytoestrogens in your diet, found in soy and flaxseeds. Acting as natural estrogen mimics, they can alleviate various symptoms associated with Perimenopause. Remember, consulting with your healthcare professional is essential to ensure a personalized and effective approach to managing Perimenopause.

Explore hormone therapy

While it might seem premature, hormone therapy (HT) can be a worthwhile consideration. It can provide immense relief for many, making it a valuable addition to your Peri strategy. And while in the past doctors may have wanted to hold off until after menopause to prescribe it, that is quickly changing. HT can start with progesterone creams or oral micronized progesterone tablets to alleviate sleep and mood issues associated with Perimenopause, and the North American Menopause Society’s latest guidelines also recommend estrogen as a powerful ally for symptoms, while it also prevents bone loss. Yet like any powerful tool, hormone therapy requires expert guidance and careful application.

Remember, this is not a time for defeat: you are a warrior, and Peri is just another adversary to conquer.

Author - Ann Marie McQueen, Hot Flash Inc.

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