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Article: Conquer Your Night: Sleep Strategies for Peri

Conquer Your Night: Sleep Strategies for Peri

Are you grappling with the Perimenopause rollercoaster and the plethora of symptoms it brings along? Stand tall. You're not alone.

Often, the initial signs of Peri come to light when sleep eludes us – and falling asleep or remaining asleep becomes an uphill battle.

Not only does this wreak havoc on the forthcoming day, but if prolonged – and Perimenopause can span over a decade for some – it may pose serious health concerns. According to a recent study by Harvard researchers involving the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Sleep Study, a "regular-optimal" group of sleepers demonstrated a 39 percent lower mortality risk than the "irregular-insufficient" group over seven years.

If you feel engulfed in an endless whirlwind of mood swings and depression, taking charge of your sleep cycle is job number one.  

Here's how:

Find the right supplements
Empower your night with a potent blend of magnesium powder, taurine, and zinc. Research indicates that a majority of the population suffers from a deficiency in magnesium – vital for hundreds of your body's biochemical reactions, including energy production and muscle and nerve function. A study involving 171 post-menopausal women revealed 81.9 percent were magnesium-deficient, a group more likely to report depression. Low magnesium can also disrupt sleep, as another study on rats demonstrated, and you know how that leaves you feeling. 

Taurine, an amino acid influencing the liver, brain, and immune system, may be hindered by estrogen in women. 

A 2015 study observed that postmenopausal women with higher magnesium and zinc levels exhibited less depression. This potent cocktail – consumed at night – could be your Perimenopause game-changer.

Embrace the great outdoors every morning
Try to step outside every morning for a walk. If that's not feasible, spend at least five minutes outside—minus your shades. Exposing your eyes to morning light is a potent, scientifically-proven method to recalibrate your circadian rhythm. Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab podcast's Sleep Toolkit episode delves into the science behind this. Essentially, your body's internal circadian rhythm needs light to awaken and darkness to sleep. Modern lifestyles often disrupt this balance.

Make screen-free time before bed non-negotiable
Screens can interfere with your circadian rhythm. Plus, you may stumble upon content that is stimulating or distressing. Therefore, at least an hour before bedtime, banish all screens from your presence.

Commit to a pre-bed routine of stretching or Yin Yoga
Add 15 minutes of stretching, foam rolling, or yin yoga to your nightly routine and we can almost offer you a money-back guarantee that the quality of your sleep will improve. Apart from the mental benefits – unwinding and disconnecting from the day – physical advantages exist too. According to a 2008 Japanese study in the Bulletin of the Physical Fitness Research Institute, a stretching session alleviated sleep-related problems in middle-aged women and aided faster sleep onset.

Tackle nighttime waking strategically
Try keeping a cup of chamomile tea by your bed to drink when you wake, even if it’s cold. Practice diaphragmatic breathing – slow belly rise and fall – and reassure yourself, "I will drift back to sleep". Panic is never beneficial, especially at 4am.

Supplement your sleep strategy
There's an array of supplements known to aid sleep, if falling asleep is your specific issue. Some proven allies are melatonin, hops, passionflower, valerian root, and the classic chamomile tea.

Sleep easy in Peri. Reclaim your nights. Own your days.

Author - Ann Marie McQueen, Hot Flash Inc.


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