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Article: 6 Essential Tips for How to Choose the Best Supplement for Perimenopause

6 Essential Tips for How to Choose the Best Supplement for Perimenopause

Feeling overwhelmed by all the peri/menopause products out there? We know it's tough, so we've compiled six crucial tips to help you make informed decisions about herbal supplements tailored to your perimenopausal needs. Let’s dive in!

1. Understand the Difference
Perimenopause and Menopause are distinct phases in a woman's life, one precedes the other and each comes with unique needs and challenges. Products that fail to distinguish between these stages may not adequately target the specific symptoms of Peri.

2. Look Past the Fame
Celebrity endorsements can make a product stand out, but they don’t necessarily mean it's suitable for you. Instead of focusing on who’s promoting the product, dig into the specifics—check the nutrition label and research the ingredients and benefits it offers. 

3. Simplify Your Ingredients
Too many ingredients can be a red flag. Overly complex formulas may lack adequate dosages or increase the risk of interactions. Be cautious with ingredients like Chasteberry, DIM, and Black Cohosh, which might not be suitable for Perimenopausal needs and are generally not recommended for long-term use. Always check with your doctor before adding a supplement to your routine.

4. Stick with It. No Quick Fixes
Beware of any product promising immediate results. Herbal supplements, especially, need time to show their effects. They work gradually to support your body’s natural processes. Consistency is key—stick with your regimen to truly feel the benefits.

5. Quality AND Quantity
It's crucial to look for both high-quality ingredients and the right dosages that can effectively support specific benefits. Consider patented extracts like KSM-66 Ashwagandha® and HydroCurc® curcumin to ensure efficacy is backed by clinical data. Investigate the sourcing of herbs, as quality can vary significantly. Know what you are paying for!

6. Ensure Third-Party Testing & Research-backed Results
Opt for supplements that undergo third-party testing and research for safety and effectiveness. Third-party testing confirms label accuracy and absence of contaminants, ensuring purity and high quality. Research-backed results provide assurance of efficacy and safety on real individuals like you.  

Remember, finding the right supplement is important, but it's just one part of your wellness journey. Complement your supplement routine with lifestyle adjustments—adequate sleep, regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management are all crucial for thriving during Peri.

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